About The Digital Workshop

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In today's global work environment, it’s essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals to maintain a competitive edge, whether in inspiring confidence and trust in their business interactions or making effective use of their computers and software. The Digital Workshop's purpose is to teach you the skills to put you at ease and ahead of the game.

After years of serving Central PA through our affiliate, Laser Plus, and working with our diverse client base, it became clear that consistent, comprehensive, hands-on training by experienced, talented professionals was difficult to find in our area. To serve that need, we created The Digital Workshop.

The Digital Workshop is staffed by teachers who have literally taught thousands of individuals. Our instructors have published or edited more than 30 books on computers and software, taught at major universities as well as accredited arts colleges, and actively work as professional instructors for Business Etiquette and International Protocol, graphic design, layout artists, copywriters, coders, and digital media specialists. They’ve worked in or trained just about every industry imaginable, and best of all, they love helping people learn. It shows in their concern for each student’s success—and in their devotion to making the learning process effective and fun.