Promoting Sustainability @ The Digital Workshop

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The Digital Workshop, and our affiliate Laser Plus, share a workspace dedicated to providing services and products promoting sustainability. Our specific Green Plus Certification, granted by the Institute for Sustainable Development, recognizes sustainability based on three overarching aspects of an organization: business performance, commitment to community, and care for the environment.

As The Digital Workshop evolved, we became increasingly aware of the significant burden of computers on our environment; consuming substantial levels of electricity and generating an extraordinary amount of e-waste. (According to the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission, e-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream.) By using Wyse terminals in our classrooms, we are able to eliminate the need for individual desktop workstations. We are using fewer watts; generating just a few ounces of e-waste over long periods of time, and reducing our energy footprint by as much as 90% per user! In addition, because the remote workstations produce so little heat, and with the added advantage of zoned thermostats, we will realize a reduction in our energy needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our efforts in sustainability, please check out the Community Service section of our website, and refer to to learn about our efforts on the laser printer and computer repair front.